Grace is 18-years-old and graduated both high school and college in the same week at age 18! Two years later, she earned her Masters of Public Administration and wants to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Nineteen-year-old Gabrielle graduated with a degree in health administration and only a year later she earned her Master’s! Her goal is to be the Secretary of Health.

Twenty-one-year-old Gisla, who is the firstborn and named after her mother, graduated college at age 18 with a degree in Urban Design and two years later got her Masters. She is already working in her chosen field of Housing and Urban Development

14 Year Old Investor on his way to becoming a Millionaire

Inspiring Self-help thru Teen Storytelling

Strong self-knowledge leads to better use of potential, performance and strategies for managing behavior, conflict resolution and academic achievement for life. celebrates young adults courageous enough to chart their own path to personal & academic success!  Everybody has a story worth telling. Someone needs to hear YOURS!

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  • Mark Twain wrote, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Occasionally however, truth is best found in fiction. In Concealed Weapons, urban disenfranchisement and the potential for individual accomplishment share space. These stories run the gamut of what is and what can be....Reneé is an accomplished writer who speaks with many different voices. Her street language and dialogue is often brutal, yet always honest. This author’s tales motivate, entertain and hopefully can awaken the concealed weapons we all share..."

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  • Concealed Weapons is an anthology that presents short stories of youth overcoming adversity while growing up… The strength of the anthology lies in its characters. Each protagonist, from an aspiring doctor the exploited runaway to Alana herself, is someone the reader wants to see win and end up on the right side of the law. The theme creativity in the face of adversity runs throughout the book. The stories read smoothly with a down to earth dialogue and would catch the attention of its intended audience.....Reneé presents options to teenagers in a society that often counts them out. ..It’s a solid entry to urban young adult fiction.”

    Pacific Book Review - 2017

  • ALANA RENEÉ- Concealed Weapons:
  • Celebrating the Courage of Today's Abandoned American Youth

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Today, young people are launching lucrative businesses,  teens are graduating high school at 16, college at 18 and college students are launching multi-million $ online businesses.

.Jr. Bright Scholars Institute wants empower and support teens determined enough to support their educational process by alternate volunteering, internship, online certification and entrepreneurial training.

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