Introducing a Universe of Connection – A Baseline Inclusion Strategy for Grades 6-9

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Alana Reneé started as a community servant at age 19, volunteering as a pregnant teen advocate at a Newark YMCA. She later was a Reading Readiness buddy for 5th graders, & today, continues to advocate on behalf of young adults.

After over 20 years experience in International Change & Learning, Human Performance, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, and Career Development, Alana recognized a need to share”professional soft skills’ with teens struggling with social acceptance and resilience.

Working with students 1:1 led Alana to self publish Concealed Weapons: Celebrating the Courage of Today’s Abandoned American Youth – a self-help lesson for young adults. The collection of short stories is now a novel study Used in the Emotional Resilience workshop called the Concealed Weapons Experience (or CWE). The CWE celebrates courage in promising young adults who leverage work ethic and strategic planning to WIN!

Incorporated 2011,, LLC (Junior Bright Scholars Institute) began delivering the CWE in public & alternative schools, youth leadership, and summer camp programs in 2013. Connect with Alana Reneé

In 2015, the MURPHY-MEISGEIER Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®) assessment was added to the CWE workshop to address individualized diversity & inclusion. The MMTIC® assessment gives research-based insight into personality . Taking the MMTIC® before the CWE opens solution-based discussion on the social & emotional challenges students commonly face in school.

Alana is an author, curriculum designer and global learning administrator who recently got her RYT-200 certification. She’s been recognized for her service by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and Prudential Foundation. She’s served as Education Director & Committee Member at Vashti School for Girls, and recently received the Harvey George Award from Rising Tide Capital.