• A Universe of Connection introduces a spacious framework for appreciating Diversity & Connection. Students research ways to be inclusive despite social or cultural differences and develop skill as a team member and individual contributor.  Offering this grassroots baseline Inclusion strategy support Equity Learning in the classroom.
  • The Concealed Weapons Experience (CWE) is a character study of the self help book Concealed Weapons: Celebrating the Courage of Today’s Abandoned American Youth. This social debate challenge is inspiring, empowering and competitive. Designed leveraging self-help as a framework, the learning challenges build self-acceptance & social resilience in real-time. JBSI.org’s 8-hour Personal & Professional Development challenged is customized by student audience. Our active-learning approaches empower mainstream youth overwhelmed by pressure to excel as well as disenfranchised youth suffering prolonged trauma.  Helping every teen identify their unique style & personality empowers their individual success.

Schedule a Concealed Weaponhttps://jbsi.org/contact-us/s Experience Program Overview

BSI.org real-life challenges require self help. JBSI.org offers learning content uniquely designed for restorative learning in the classroom.