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Promote Self Education - a tool for building alternate learning paths & trades skill to achieve educational and economic freedom.


Open source curricula, homeschooling and online IT certifications are game changers for young scholars who want to "do education" differently. Today, scholars can help themselves to online degrees, IT certifications in addition to K-12 learning & career guidance.

Our Unique self-discovery challenges invite scholars to empathize, encourage and take pride in implementing alternate routes to academic achievement. helps Junior Bright Scholars (age 12-24) develop their self-worth, innate skills & social emotional resilience. Self-efficacy, applied knowledge and social savvy are why is where Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude.

  • Encourage youth to seek alternate learning paths & trades.
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The Concealed Weapons Experience

The Concealed Weapons Experience (CWE) challenges reading, writing and debate of leadership competencies while dramatizing the daily social & economic hardships facing many of today's abandoned American youth.

The workshop inspires teens to empathy & mastery providing new tools for helping themselves and others. Emotional intelligence and personal resilience must become new cornerstones of education - no matter what career young adults choose. 

The CWE is designed to:

  • Inspire inner strength of character,

  • Expand social agility and

  • Channel raw potential in young achievers.